I grew up in a Christian family. When I was ten I had a minister who cheerful beat me around the head if I was not well-behaved. When I was 12 my mother submitted me to a terrifying two hour hypnosis and exorcism ritual conducted by the church elders because I was so hyper (what people now call ADHD).

A year later she volunteered my services to help bath an 80 year old paedophile in the congregation who screwed me up for about ten years with his lies and misinformation about sex and the size of my penis.

A few months after that, the old man moved into sheltered accomodation run by another middle aged parishioner. When I went to perform my bathing duties, this second man started showing me muscle photos and asked me to strip “so that he could check out my ability to take muscle”.

It was at this time that I finally started to question religion, although I was in my 20s before I finally came to the belief that it was nonsense, and in my 40s before I reached the unshakeable certainty that religion is nothing more than a giant con perpetrated on the stupid and desperate by people with their own agendas.

Even when I was in my 30s, I went to a local Catholic church to see about hiring the hall for a sporting event and the oily catholic priest there tried to hit on me. Don’t get me wrong – I have no issues with homosexuals, only priests who deny themselves sex, and preach to others about morality, and then hit on complete strangers at the smallest opportunity.

I hate christianity. Almost every christian I have ever known has been a disingenuous, hypocrital, back stabbing creep, and certainly no better example of humanity than the average atheist. But what I most hate about them, is the way that they justify the inconsistency between what they preach and what they do. “I’m not perfect but I’m trying” the ultimate get out of jail free card. You all need to try A LOT harder before you start telling others how to live their lives.

This planet would be better off without religion. It doesn’t need the crutch, and it doesn’t need the banner for people to rally under against other people. In all probability, this life is all there is, and if people recognised that, just maybe they’de work a bit harder to make it a good one.


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