No christians in teaching positions


drawing of santa waving

I wouldn't hire a pedophile to be teacher, so why should we have christians in schools?

Imagine that you were the dean or head at a school and a seemingly well-qualified person was interviewing for a job, then that person revealed that they still believed in santa and the tooth fairy. Would you still hire them? Honestly?

So how on earth is it that admitting to being a christian is not frowned upon: in fact, it’s often seen as an asset?

Even ignoring the – admittedly slight – risk of student indoctrination, and the far more likely chance of a christian-tainted view of morality, I would think that to be a teacher the first thing you need to demonstrate is the power of critical thinking and reason, and the ability to have matured intellectually beyond your childhood beliefs. If an adult said that they believed in fairies or the easter bunny, they’d surely be treated with derision or at best, bemusement, let alone allowed to teach children. Why? Because adults who believe in fantasy figures that have no provable historical basis, and absolutely no evidence for their existence in the modern day are not taken seriously.

I mean, it’s one thing to have a scientific theory, say the formation of the universe, or what is happening in a black hole, and to hypothesise and postulate based upon measurements, known scientific fact and the sum of scientific research, but to take the fairytales

picture showing evolution of man

How can christian teachers be trusted to impartially teach what they don't believe, and if they can, who wants to hire a hypocrite?

of a whole bunch of civilisations, and the fears and gut feelings of thousands of ignorant people down the eons, and then simply believe, with no evidence whatsoever, other than the collected fairytales upon which your belief in the first place – well that’s just childish. More than childish – it’s moronic.

Being a moron or a superstitious fool is not a crime. You believe whatever you like. But if you haven’t got the capacity to think rationally and impartially, how can you teach others to do so? Moreover, if you disbelieve most of what you’re teaching (evolution, the formation and nature of matter and life, how long the earth has existed, etc) how can you possibly be trusted to pass that knowledge on to your students?

Worst of all, if you believe that all mankind has little time left, and those who do not share your beliefs are all destined to be wiped out, how can you even look your students in the eye especially if you believe, that it’s your divine duty to save as many people as possible by spreading the word?

No, christians are just too great a risk to be teachers, just like pedophiles.


About godmustdie

I was raised and indoctrinated in a strongly christian family who wandered between methodist and pentecostal christianity. At the age of about 14 I started to question, by my 20s I had decided that god probably wasn't real and if he was, then he was a real asshole, and by my 40's I had started to develop a passionate loathing for all things christian. I now believe that christianity is a scourge on the face of this planet far worse than AIDs or cancer, and the sooner it's eradicated, the sooner we can stop using it as an excuse for ruining lives.
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