Let’s kill god once and for all

A tombstone to god showing his crimes against mankindGod is the product of frightened, weak minds that cannot cope with their own mortality or the cruelty of our existence. I don’t blame people for that. In moments of extreme emotional duress, it’s the most natural thing in the world to appeal for help from a higher power. Children cry out to their mummy or daddy, and adults cry out for god. The big difference is, in the first case, there’s a chance that someone might actually appear to help.

Not only does a belief in god hold mankind back from spending his time more productively, but it becomes a banner under which to perform all manner of inhumanities.

Perhaps if christianity (and probably all religion) was eradicated from this planet, just as many people would still be assholes to each other – after all, as the populist newspapers demonstrate, you don’t need to be a christian to be a bigot; but at least it would be one less major excuse.


About godmustdie

I was raised and indoctrinated in a strongly christian family who wandered between methodist and pentecostal christianity. At the age of about 14 I started to question, by my 20s I had decided that god probably wasn't real and if he was, then he was a real asshole, and by my 40's I had started to develop a passionate loathing for all things christian. I now believe that christianity is a scourge on the face of this planet far worse than AIDs or cancer, and the sooner it's eradicated, the sooner we can stop using it as an excuse for ruining lives.
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One Response to Let’s kill god once and for all

  1. una says:

    I completely agree! Big like to the tombstone picture!
    Knowing that there are more people like me that feel this way gives me hope.
    But there is very little hope for change: people around me have sacrifised too much for god and religion. They gave up their freedom of speach (guess how many matches i found to “kill god” in google), they gave up their sexual freedom, they gave up parts of their bodies and lots of their money. All that’s left for them is to believe they will get payd after they die…
    Keep up the good work, you are not alone!!!

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